investigating - logging - analyzing

We investigate against the illegal distribution of copyrighted works, search for unauthorized use of brand names and trademarks, log these criminal acts in a manner that the logged data can be used in courts and provide the evidence to an international network of law firms, which initiate all further steps against the infringer, both in court and out of court.

After an initial research, our work begins with an extensive and thorough investigation on filesharing networks, internet forums, newsgroups and other appropriate internet sources we know. A detective's instinct, experience, and an exhaustive knowledge of the "digital black market" are crucial to this. This way, we get an accurate idea of the criminal acts the company in question is being compromised by.

We extensively and conclusively document the criminal acts which have been commited. Our competent team of investigators who specialize in internet offences, as well as the use of a software technology which we have designed especially for this purpose, enable us to clearly and unequivocally trace back the evidence illegal activities on the internet inevitably leave.

The data thus accumulated later serve as a safe and precise basis for the juridical steps which are implemented by the law firms cooperating with us.

Thanks to our experience and proven collaboration with law firms who specialize in copyright and internet law, we can offer our clients extensive protection from abuse of their works and trade marks.

Our most important fields of action in which we can do service to you:

Control of filesharing networks
With the help of a software technology especially developed for this purpose, Media Protector GmbH keeps a watch on these global networks and documents illegal trade with copyrighted works on behalf of the rights owners.

Control of one-click hosters
On behalf of our clients, Media Protector GmbH employs a team of specialists in order to find the clients' copyrighted works on one-click hosters (e.g. Rapidhare, Megaupload, Divshare, …), and to induce their deletion.

Detection of trade mark violations
With our specialist software, our experienced team of investigators search the internet worldwide for unauthorized use of our clients’ brand names and trademarks. We additionally offer our clients tried and proven mechanisms of defense. These allow us the quick detection of illegal use of marked files on the internet as well as our law firms to fight such infringing acts.