protecting copyrights

Many users consider the internet an unlegislated area. The illegal distribution of copyrighted film-, picture- and soundworks, the copying of computer games and software, as well as the unauthorized use of brand names and trade marks are criminal acts which have been prosecuted and punished for years when occurring outside the internet. Still, in the minds of many internet users, these breaches of the law are still only trivial offences. In addition to this, these illegal acts are favoured by the apparent anonymity of the user.

Media Protector GmbH makes it possible to detect as well as retrace trademark violations and breaches of the law on the internet, as well. By doing extensive and intensive research on the internet, and with the help of our tested software technology, we can clearly and unequivocally prove and log illegal acts on the internet. We have been working very successfully for quite a long time on behalf of production companies and rights owners and are currently protecting more than 35,000 copyrighted works of our clients.

All data is stored simultaneously into several different databases. From there it is being made available to an international network of cooperating law firms, who use the data as evidence in court and out-of-court to make the infringer personally accountable for their illegal acts. We cooperate with law firms in many countries of Europe, the US and Japan.

The services of Media Protector GmbH help companies and rights owners to be safer from abuse of their works and trademarks in the digital world. We thereby create a new awareness in the worldwide networked dealings with intellectual property.